Independent Means

Month: December, 2011

Tone Deaf

The image largely speaks for itself. I wonder how this got past the proofers… if there were any.


On Catullus and Cicero

In my Great Books class, sometimes we waste time on discussion that is not worth having. Today was one of those days. I am supposed to write a paper for that class on Cicero, Catullus, and Roman nature. This is what I would turn in, if it wouldn’t earn me a D.

Catullus and Cicero are two cats of very different natures
both inclined to very different pleasures
one interests is specific crime,
the other’s, philosophical treasures
in cicero’s world there are no lovers,
first friends, their natures without cover.
while Catullus finds the facade finer
when lifted his real nature is that of a sophisticated whiner
though I may be abusing this poor poet
an author of loathing poems we know–sorrow: he shows it
while Cicero sits on chair by fire contemplatively,
Catullus upsets beds, ruing the lack of lover’s fealty
To conclude both have much to do with Romans
Though Catullus knows his mask and loves it
Cicero considers deception and depravity
the worst of things to foment